Planning Grants Awarded

The Lorain County Storm Water Management District has a budget of $15,000 each year for Planning Grants.  The year the District was able to award 4 grants before exhausting their budget.

Eaton Township was awarded $3,200 to investigate flooding in the vicinity of 9543 Island Road.  Henrietta Township received a $4,000 grant to evaluate the Baird Road project.  Wellington Township was awarded $3,800 for the planning and engineering on the watercourse west of Hawley Road and north of Cemetery Road.  LaGrange Township was awarded $4,000 to properly investigate the scope of the project, locate wetlands, study and survey the Foster Ditch project.

District Board Awards 4 Mini Grants

The Lorain County Storm Water Management District was able to award 4 Mini Grants totaling $13,211 in 2020.

Amherst Township was awarded $5,000 to repair a storm water catch basin and lateral connection in the Hidden Valley Development area.  Columbia Township received $1,963 to replace 2 deteriorated 12" steel crossover pipes and replace then with reinforced concrete pipe and stabilize the road bed on Aldridge Ave. & Colfax Ave.  Grafton Township received $5,000 to assist in the purchase of material to correct on-going erosion along Chamberlin Road.  Carlisle Township was awarded $1,248 to repair 2 storm sewer catch basins on Calann Drive and Squires Street.

Current Services

The revenue created from a new storm water fee will be used to comply with new unfunded federal water quality mandates, improve water quality and begin to upgrade the storm water infrastructure in our county. Money will be used to: 

    • Monitor water quality of local waterways to control potential discharge of pollutants;

    • Identify and eliminate improper connections that illegally dump waste, instead of storm water, directly into our rivers and streams;

    • Develop plans to properly address storm water runoff throughout the existing storm water system;

    • Help with projects to maintain, upgrade, repair, and replace the existing storm water infrastructure to reduce flooding and pollution;

    • Removing storm water from the sanitary sewer system known as Inflow and Infiltration (I & I);

    • Develop meaningful partnerships to provide effective and cost efficient services to the District with local agencies and organizations;

    • Comply with federal/state unfunded regulations; and

    • Provide funds for local projects through the Community Grant Program and Mini Grant Program.


2020 Community Grants

Through a competitive application process, the District Board has awarded 6 Community Grants to 7 townships totaling $428,647.00.

The District received 14 project applications from 12 townships. The Community Grant subcommittee reviewed all of the applications received and ranked them (2020 Approved Projects). The subcommittee reported out to the Storm Water Advisory Committee in an open meeting and the projects were discussed. A recommendation to forward the grants as ranked was approved by the Committee. The District Board met on June 9th and approved the grants as recommended by SWAC.

Funds that are not expended because of a project being unable to go forward or coming in under budget will be used to either cover cost overruns of projects that are approved by the District, make an award to an unfunded project application or be carried forward to the next round of grant funding.


2019 District Activities

The Board approved a working budget of approximately $1.4 million. More than 2/3rds of the funds are going towards storm water infrastructure projects. Most of the funding is divided into either District Project funds, Community Grant funds, and Mini Grants, with some funds available to respond to log jam removals and other emergency situations.

A District Project is one that is typically of a very large scale or of a particular urgent need in partnership with local community. The District has completed several small scale projects. The flooding of Columbia Library was addressed through the District and Columbia Township working together to make drainage improvements in concert with the Library. A large swale to intercept and hold water until it can flow underneath East River Rd is an example. This year, working with Carlisle Township the completed the undercutting of a storm sewer that outlets into the Black River which will result in the protection of the sewer, Dewhurst Rd and private property.

Two larger projects being undertaken by the District are currently underway. The nearly 100% complete Lake Avenue Stream Restoration Project reconstructed a portion of the Clinton Avenue Ditch, creating flood plain and enhanced the wetland that will capture sediment, heavy metals, and nutrients, in addition to acting as a natural storm water detention.  The District is also working on Clinton Avenue Storm Water Management Facility, a detention basin that will work in conjunction with Lake Avenue Stream Restoration to provide a reduction in incidence and intensity of flooding downstream of the Clinton Avenue Ditch affecting Elyria Township, Sheffield Township, and the City of Lorain.



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2019 Stormwater Report

2019 Annual report was submitted to Ohio EPA on March 27, 2020 on behalf of the County, Townships of Amherst, Carlisle, Columbia, Eaton, Elyria, Grafton, Henrietta & Sheffield and, the City of Oberlin and Village of South Amherst as co-permittees of Lorain County. 


2015 Stormwater Report

2015 Annual Report was submitted to Ohio EPA on March 30, 2016 on behalf of the County and Townships of Amherst, Carlisle, Columbia, Eaton, Elyria, Grafton and Sheffield and the City of Oberlin as co-permittees of Lorain County.


2014 Stormwater Report

2014 Annual Report submitted to Ohio EPA on March 31, 2015 on behalf of the County and Townships of Amherst, Carlisle, Columbia, Eaton, Elyria, Grafton and Sheffield.