Storm Water District Awards Over $430,000 For Local Drainage Projects

01/27/2017 -- The Lorain County Storm Water District Board consisting of Lori Kokoski, Ted Kalo and Matt Lundy approved over $430,000 in funding that will benefit township sponsored projects throughout the District.

Local communities identified more than $700,000 in requests to the District in early December 2016. The Storm Water Advisory Committee met on January 19th and recommended to the District Board the funding of 9 Community Grants totaling $400,595.

Awarded Township Projects include:

  • Eaton Township Carpenter Ditch #7 Phase 1 $33,500.00,
  • Lagrange Township King Kobelt Ditch Phase 2 $39,500.00,
  • Elyria Township Freeland Drive Ditch $50,000.00,
  • Pittsfield Township Luther Lateral Ditch $66,000.00,
  • Grafton Township SR 83 Ditch $20,000.00,
  • Camden Township Baird-Betts Road Ditch $48,720.00,
  • Sheffield Township Lowell Street Storm Sewer $42,875.00,
  • Columbia and Eaton Townships joint project Hawke Road Culvert $50,000.00, and
  • Amherst Township’s Engle Ditch Revised at $50,000.00.

Five smaller projects were also awarded totaling approximately $29,000 as District Projects. These include:

  • Huntington Township Baker Road Culvert $3,400.00,
  • Penfield Township Jones Road Culvert $6,645.00,
  • Carlisle Township Whitehead Road Culvert $10,950.00,
  • Sheffield Township East 36th St Storm Sewer $6,120.00, and
  • Carlisle Township Robson Road Culvert for $2,500.00.

That makes 14 projects awarded by the District Board for a total 2017 District investment of $430,210. The District awarded $386,000 in Community Grants in 2016 bringing the total invested in locally developed projects to more than $800,000 that the Storm Water District has invested in within the last year.

“The District was created to enable the County and townships to remain compliant with regulations and generate resources to address our drainage needs. This round of grants and awards is the largest yet and builds off of our previous rounds of projects,” stated Board President Lori Kokoski.

In addition to these projects the District has two restoration projects underway. The first project is the Willow Creek Project that is funded 100% by the USEPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Grant. The project agreement between the US EPA and Lorain County provides enhanced water quality through the installation of riffles, benches and larger floodplain with wetland while increasing the storm water detention capacity by approximately six acre feet.

The second restoration project is the Clinton Ave Project. The County received $295,000 in a Section 319 Grant through the Ohio EPA for this storm water project. Water quality improvements, storm water detention, flood plain expansion and wetland enhancement will be achieved through the restoration of this waterway.

“The District is leveraging our local knowledge and resources with State and Federal dollars to develop long term enhanced management of our natural resources while preserving private and public investment, said Vice President Ted Kalo. He added that “Flooding and water pollution have plagued many parts of our County both within our District and in the neighboring cities.”

The Lorain County Storm Water Management District strives to enhance the quality of life in Lorain County by utilizing a watershed approach to meet and maintain the water quality of permit requirements of the U.S. EPA, and responsibly address drainage and floodplain management within available resources.

Board Member Matt Lundy likes the approach taken by the District. Lundy stated that “The ability to bring partnerships and resources together, demonstrated by the Community and District Projects underway and awarded today, allows us to meet the needs of our Community.”

For more information and updates visit the Lorain County Storm Water Management District website or contact us at 440-328- 2322.