Stormwater Management District Accomplishments

MS4 Mapping

The District has created maps for each MS4 Community that details the locations of catch basins, storm sewers and outfalls. This is a requirement of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit. These maps are to be updated as changes are made to the system. Below is the list of communities and maps.

Successful Logjam Removal

The Lorain County Stormwater District is providing funding opportunities for stormwater infrastructure projects throughout the District. Projects are identified and submitted to the District by the local township trustees. Applications are made available on an annual basis.

The District received a total of 9 requests totaling more than $300,000 for 2014. Eight projects are being funded this year totaling more than $260,000. One project was funded in phases with the second phase to be funded next year subject to an application being submitted and Phase 1 making adequate progress.

The District also works with the Townships to remove log jams. The District requests that the Township submit a request to address log jams as they are identified. Location map and permission from property owners are needed to allow the District to investigate the log jam, estimate cost if it is something that can be addressed, and then bid out and supervise that the work is completed.

Stormwater infrastructure projects include (but are not limited to):

  • Stormwater detention projects
  • Integration of green in infrastructure into public facilities (i.e. township halls) such as pervious pavement, rain gardens;
  • Acquisition of easements for stream buffers, wetland protections;
  • Improvements to public stormwater conveyance systems including culverts, pipes/tile, and ditches.

Residents of Lorain County, Ohio who live in the unincorporated areas are encouraged to contact their local trustees with potential projects. For further information, please contact Don Romancak at (440) 328-2323 or