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Clinton Avenue Ditch Maintenance Plan

The District developed the Clinton Avenue Detention Basin located next to the Board of Elections to control flooding along Clinton Avenue in Sheffield Township. Maintenance of the basin is important and a plan was developed to ensure its long term viability. A copy of the Plan can be found Click Here

As a part of the maintenance the County is soliciting quotes to mow and maintain the facility in accordance with the plan above and to remove brush and trees along the fence line that runs along the access path from Clinton Avenue west to the end of the fence. If you are interested in the work, submit a total cost for the remainder of the growing season and a  breakdown of cost per week. Include the equipment to be used and a W-9 form. Separately quote the cost to remove the trees and brush along the fence line. Cost should be submitted to Matt Arnold in a sealed envelope at 226 Middle Ave, 5th Floor, Elyria OH 44035 by no later than 4pm on Friday August 13. Questions may be emailed to Matt at marnold@loraincounty.us .

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New form of Ditch Petition

The District in Cooperation with the Clerk of the Board, County Engineer and most importantly, the County Prosecutor's Office have updated the form of the ditch petition as authorized by ORC 6131. A copy may be downloaded here

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2021 Community Grants

The LCSWMD has received 10 applications for funding. The Storm Water Advisory Committee has reviewed and recommended all 10 for funding to the Board. The Storm Water District Board approved as recommended all 10 projects and has determined that unallocated funds from this cycle be available should a project become available. - UPDATE - SWAC has recommended an 11th project to the District Board- Erhardt Rd in Grafton Twp. 





Lorain County's Approach to Stormwater

Local leaders have asked Lorain County Government and their staff to develop and manage a cost-effective program that will comply with the water quality regulations of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) and begin to more effectively manage storm water drainage and flooding issues throughout the County.

The Lorain County Stormwater Management District strives to enhance the quality of life in Lorain County by utilizing a watershed approach to meet and maintain the water quality permit requirements of the U.S. EPA, and responsibly address drainage and floodplain management within available resources.

Increased stormwater management practices will improve the water quality in and around Lorain County - creating a better environment for local wildlife and providing future generations with the opportunity to enjoy local waterways while managing the effects of growing development in the County.

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